Alight Motion MOD APK 2024 v5.0.280 (Latest Version Pro, No Watermark)

If you are into video editing you probably know about Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects but they are not on Mobile so it leaves the mobile users with nothing but to search for an alternative to the professional video editors.

Alight Motion MOD APK 2024 is the first professional video editor for mobile, the best in the market to fulfill Adobe’s role in the mobile platform!

Alight Motion Pro MOD APK 2024 Additional Information

App NameAlight Motion Pro MOD APK
Latest Versionv5.0.280
Size126 MB
Released OnAug 5, 2018
DeveloperAlight Motion
CategoryVideo Editing
File TypeAPK
Supported ForAndroid Only
RequiresAndroid 6.0 and up
Ratings4.8 out of 5
Price100% Free
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
Last Updated OnApril 24, 2024

What is Alight Motion PRO MOD APK?

Alight Motion is a renowned video editing and motion graphics application for mobile devices. Alight Motion Pro is a motion design app that allows users to create and animate stunning graphics and videos easily.

Its simple and easily navigable interface enables users to manage their video projects seamlessly. Moreover, you will always receive Alight Motion Pro updates regularly. Furthermore, these updates will keep the application with the global trend and improve it even more. 

It lets the user create captivating professional and high-quality videos, animations, and visual effects and tweak its graphics within their palm of hands, smartphones, or tablets without hassle.

It offers a plethora of promising features and practical tools that enable the users to take their simple and unsaturated videos to the next level as they apply trending various effects, add different types of texts with other effects, add funny and relatable stickers, and then create stunning visual compositions within no time! Also, you can download Alight Motion Pro Crack for PC.

How to Update Alight Motion Pro 2024

With Alight Motion Pro, you can edit videos, apply visual effects, create motion graphics, and much more. So grab your mobile or tablet, and let’s start making those videos! Takedown your competitors as you create professional-looking videos within a few minutes!

Here are some of the breathtaking features of Alight Motion Pro Graits to hold your breath:

  • Alight Motion introduces keyframe animation in mobile now. Users are now able to animate each frame of their video for seamless editing.
  • Moreover, it contains hundreds of fonts and innumerable visual, text, and filter effects that will make any video go viral.
  • In addition to that, Alight Motion features in-depth multi-layering. Users can blend, mask, group, and parent layers together and edit videos efficiently.
  • Additionally, it supports various export formats such as XML, MP4, MP3, PNG, GIF, and more.
  • Not only that, but users can also save and share projects with their friends and community!
  • Furthermore, it unlocked premium features for free. No need to subscribe anymore.
  • In addition to that, users can now export videos without the watermark! Also, read How to use Aligth Motion Fonts?

Now that you know the latest features of Alight Motion, it’s time to install it. Here’s a simple guide to updating the app on your device.

  • Firstly, download the Alight Motion APK 2024 from the download button below. (or link to Alight Motion Pro article).
  • Click on the Download Button
  • Look for the “Install from Unknown sources” option and enable it.
  • Meanwhile, open the Alight Motion Pro APK file and install it.
  • After that, launch the app from the home screen.

Alight Motion Pro MOD APK For IOS

Alight Motion Pro iOS is the first motion design app that lets the user animate and create stunning videos easily. The app features more than a thousand fonts, countless visual and text effects, along with trending filters!

Features of Alight Motion Pro IOS

Alight Motion Pro iOS is proud of itself for trending motion graphics and video animation that you cannot find in other video editors. The app is rigorously growing and has taken the video editing world to the storm. You can also download Alight Motion MOD APK For PC 2024.

Multiplayer Graphics Video Editor

Keyframe Animation

Thousands of Fonts

Massive Library of Visual and Text Effects

How to Alight Motion Pro iOS Free Download

Downloading Alight Motion Pro iOS jailbreak is one of the easiest tasks. If you cannot comprehend how to do it properly, follow these steps closely:

  • Download Alight Motion IPA from our site.
  • Go to your iPhone settings.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Open the Alight Motion IPA file from the downloads.
  • Install the app and let the process finish.
  • Open Alight Motion from the home screen. That’s it!

Alight Motion MOD APK Features:

There’s no doubt that Alight Motion mod apk has made its way among the best video editing app choices among users thanks to its countless features that are constantly upgraded and new ones are added following the global trend.


From simple trimming, cutting, and adding text videos to advanced features such as keyframes, motion tracking, green screen removal, and tons of transitions and filters including overlays, the app comes with all of it!

Free / Paid

In the free version, users cannot have full access to the app such as professional texts, effects, transitions, filters, overlays, and much more that a PRO version contains.


With the latest Alight Motion mod apk latest version you will not only unlock pro features but also get your hands on the latest trending effects, texts, and much more!

Alight Motion New Camera Features:

What makes Alight Motion Pro mod apk stand out from most other casual video apps is the camera features that let you animate the video at any keyframe. You can pan, zoom, fog, and blur the video given the keyframe.

  • Using the camera feature you can figure out camera size, position, and rotation using keywords to create epic scenes in your videos.
  • Thanks to its new camera features users can now have full control over how the camera should move in the video!

Alight Motion All Features Unlocked APK:

What’s even more great about Alight Motion mod apk is that all the pro features have been unlocked. You do not need to spend a single penny to buy the pro version and download the mod version instead for completely free!

Alight Motion New Update MOD APK:

Unlike other mod versions, all the latest updates including Hexagon Tile, Distortion, Motion Blur, Turbulence, new text effects, filters, and transitions, help you create engaging content and make your videos look more professional and stand out from other creators.

Alight Motion MOD APK Download:

Download Alight Motion MOD APK for completely free unleash your true video editing skills and produce captivating content for your viewers. The modded version is the modified alternative to the original app which has unlocked premium features for completely free.

How to Download Alight Motion Mod APK

Download Alight Motion Pro

v4.5.194.20267 || 160MB

Alight Motion MOD APK Fully Unlocked Download:

Bring life and life energy to your videos with all the features unlocked for free. You will be able to enjoy every option in the game to elevate your video quality and attract viewers on the internet.

Since it’s fully unlocked for free, you don’t have to pay for the premium features; just download and start editing your favourite videos now!

Alight Motion 4K Export MOD APK Download:

As we all know that 4K videos are in higher demand because they are much better than the standard 720 and 1080-pixel videos, providing in-depth detail and high quality to the videos.

Since it’s a PRO feature, it is not available in the access mode, but with the modified version we provide, you can export your videos into 4K and enjoy creating high-quality videos!

Alight Motion MOD APK Without Watermark Download:

Nothing is more irritating when watching a video than a huge watermark on the screen that does not fade away. It also reduces the video quality and credibility, making it unable to watch for your viewers in the first place.

To remove the watermark, users have to purchase the PRO version, which is not a cup of tea for everyone.

Alight Motion MOD APK Watermark Removed:

That’s why removing Alight Motion’s logo watermark is one of the serious reasons why the mod version is here. As soon as you install the mod version following the installation instructions, the watermark will no longer bother you and your viewers, and be gone forever.

Alight Motion Graphics

Motion graphics use visual effects and animation techniques to create mind-blowing graphic designs that move. It manipulates texts, shapes, images, and other visible elements to convey the content or information in a much more dynamic and engaging way.

With Alight Motion Graphics free download, users can create different types of motion graphics, including but not limited to transitions, animated text, lower-thirds, title sequences, and much more.

Looking for hypnotizing motion graphics for free download? Look no further! The app offers a diverse collection of mesmerizing motion graphics elements that are free to download to elevate your video with staggering visual effects.

You can also use motion graphics music for free download to make your content engaging and spine-chilling while your audience continues watching the video till the end!

Alight Motion Mask

Alight Motion masking is a powerful tool to mask your videos for a specific part of the video. Basically, while masking users can choose to hide a specific area of the selected video or image and only show the remaining in various and customizable shapes and forms such as circles, rectangles, ovals, tiles, and much more.


Pros and Cons of Alight Motion

There’s no doubt that Alight Motion premium price has a tag that’s worth it and is the first motion design app for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

However, even using the premium version, there are still some drawbacks that come with the apps, but overall, the game has exceptional features.


  • Alight Motion free download is available in Play Store and AppStore likewise.
  • The app receives regular updates and most of the updates are regarding effects, transitions, texts, and filters that are upgraded to meet the global trend.
  • It lets the users render their videos in various formats.
  • It uses a multi-layering system which allows the users to easily navigate and edit between multiple media.
  • An abundance of transitions, effects, texts, filters, visuals, and other elements even in the free version.
  • A robust building block for basic effects.
  • Support both Android and iOS.
  • Users can add customized or fancy fonts.
  • Users can download and upload project files and use them later whenever they want.


  • Watermark in the free version.
  • Frequent ads disturb the free users.
  • Not easy for beginners, however, there are tutorials all over the internet that can help you out!
  • Alight Motion prices for premium versions vary over time without prior notification.

How to Mask on Alight Motion?

Masking in Alight Motion is straightforward. For best results, follow our instructions below and imply them while creating a mask in your video.

  • Insert a background image from your phone gallery to proceed further.
  • You can now add a new layer by clicking on the “Plus” icon.
  • Further, add the video or image which you want to be masked.
  • Now we need another layer to apply the mask tool.
  • You can choose any shape, text, image, or even video.
  • Remember that the layer on which you will use as a mask must be at the top of the video or image you wanted to mask.
  • Position your mask wherever you want.
  • Make sure that the mask layers and the background image layer’s length are the same as the videos to match the duration.
  • Now that is done, select the mask layer, and the video layer, and create a masking group to create a mask!

Alight Motion Blur

Motion is a great feature in a video editor that allows the user to move objects, such as images, videos, texts, shapes, etc, from one point to another in a keyframe.

Blurring is one of the most essential tools for any video editing software as it allows you to manually blur or unfocus certain areas of the video to either hide the area for censoring and privacy or to make sure that the user focuses on the right area.

Motion blur Alight Motion simulates rapid motion and fluidity by blurring fast-moving objects in an animation or video to make it smoother and seamless to watch.

How to do Motion Blur in Alight Motion

To add motion blur in your video, carefully follow these instructions for the best results:

  • In Alight Motion, add a new layer and objects (image, video, or shape) which you want to move.
  • Position your object and then select “Move & Transform” based on what is displayed on the screen.
  • Now add a keyframe indicated by a rhombus shape with the plus icon to set its starting position.
  • Now move the play icon ahead of time, and move the object with the control pad to whichever direction you want it to.
  • Now that we have animated the object, it’s time to add motion blur.
  • Tap on the object and tap on “Effects” -> “Add Effects”.
  • Swipe the tab to blur options and scroll down until you find “Motion Blur” option.
  • Add the motion blur to apply the effects. Adjust blur strength to your preferences.
  • Now play your video and see the results. That’s all it needs!

Alight Motion Elements

Elements are external items that can be implied in a video to aid the users in quickly creating fantastic content.

These elements come in many forms, such as simple stickers, filters, effects, texts, or short-animated objects to enrich the quality of the video and make it more likable for the watchers.

While Alight Motion png has already a built-in library of elements, users can still import their own customized elements to fulfill their desired results.

Just like groups, Alight Motion unlocked elements can be reused as components. Elements are nothing but a saved group of objects, which helps the user implement their video without having to recreate the entire editing process from scratch.

Users can use the already built-in elements, create and share them, or download elements from other users. There are no limitations on reusing the elements; the users can use them as long as they love to do so.

Here’s a tip, use the elements to quickly access pre-made edits/effects without having to recreate the whole process repeatedly.

Alight Motion Project Files

Alight Motion lets the user import and export project files. The project file contains every single resource of the video which are used to edit the video, such as texts, images, music, effects, filters, transitions, overlay, basically everything.

These project files serve as shareable files so the user can share their project file with their friends, family, watchers, or anyone. Users then 

They also serve as a backup file in case someone wants to remove the application for a temporary period for whatever reason or to keep it safe in case it is lost.

Alight Motion Project XML File Download

The Alight Motion XML file is a file that holds the data and settings for the project. It usually defines components and elements used while creating the project, such as layers, effects, keyframes, and animations.

XML files can be exported and imported while using the editor. 

To import an XML file into your project, follow these steps:

  • Download the XML file from the internet on your device.
  • Launch the editor and tap on the Templates tab.
  • In the selection, click the Upload button.
  • Now select the XML file that you want to add to your project.
  • Now you will be prompted to the uploading screen.
  • Wait for it until it finishes uploading so you can finally continue editing the project.
  • The finished template can be found in the “Your Templates” option.
  • However, if you want to export an Alight Motion XML project file then follow these steps instead:
  • Launch the editor and go to the Projects Tab.
  • Select the XML file and click on Export to start exporting it.
  • Once the process is finished you can finally share it with others!

Alight Motion Transitions

Alight Motion png is a multi-graphic video editor and a versatile app that extends its capabilities. In video editing, it is essential to include transitions that rightly fit your video.

Alight Motion undoubtedly provides one of the best transition libraries for you to experiment with your video projects. It offers many simple and epic transitions to enhance your video’s visual flow and storytelling.

What are Transition Effects?

Transition effects will aid you in creating smooth and seamless transitions between different clips to make them look professional as if you are watching a million-dollar edit like the movies.

Some of the common transitions include but are not limited to:

  • Fade – This effect is a classic transition where the selected clip will gradually lose its brightness in its last seconds until it completely disappears. It makes the video smoother and more subtle between the scenes giving it a more dramatic look.
  • The next and most common transition is the slide, which is relatively self-explanatory. The transition effects slide your clip vertically or horizontally into the following clip making it perfect for fast-paced videos.
  • Trending transitions include 3D transitions such as fish eye, 360 degrees, and more, making the video more exciting and engaging.
  • Zoom-in or zoom-out transitions are commonly used almost in every video. The transition usually zooms in or out in sure of the video and quickly reveals the next video making the video more dramatic and energetic.

These are some of the common transitions that are found in every video app. However, since Alight Motion has a huge library of transitions, you will never fail to find the perfect one that suits your preferences.

Moreover, you can create your own transitions using the keyframe to animate your videos!

How to do Transitions on Alight Motion

Implementing transitions in Alight Motion 3 7 1 mod apk is one of the easiest tasks to get done while creating a video.

All you need is two videos and images, you can also make transitions between texts as well.


Follow the instructions carefully if you still cannot figure out how to do it properly:

  • Add two media files using the “Add Media” button.
  • Once you have added two or more images or videos it’s time to insert a transition between them.
  • Tap on a video to select it then go to the “transition” menu.
  • Swipe between transitions and choose your desired option.
  • Once you have applied it, play your video to test it.

Alight Motion VFX Pack

Visual effects also known as VFX are effects that visually enhance and adjust your video to make it incredible and interesting to watch.

Visual effects are perfect for making engaging content so you do not need to perform stunts or spend hundreds of dollars buying a new camera.

Alight Motion has various visual effects that you can use to increase your video quality. Furthermore, there are countless VFX packs that typically contain pre-designed and pre-made effects, transitions, animated objects, and overlays.

And other elements that users can utilize in their videos without having to create visual effects on their own.

Look out for amazing VFX packs to make your videos more dynamic and visually charming for your viewers!

Alight Motion Editing Tips

If you are new to Alight Motion all-features unlocked apk, then here are some tips for you to get started with the application and create exceptional videos for your viewers!

To get the most out of the editor, start following the tips below now:

  • Try out all the effects and transitions to make your video visually attractive and comfortable.
  • Try not to use ultra-bright or deep-dark videos which might make it annoying to watch.
  • Try to synchronize your music with transitions and effects to make it look professional.
  • Utilize color correction tools to enhance the visual appeal of your videos.
  • Make sure to adjust your volume as you should not make it too loud or too quiet or soft that it might be harder for your viewers to listen.
  • Use high-quality videos to increase your video credibility.
  • Take advantage of keyframe animation to create smooth and dynamic scenes.
  • To make the most out of Alight Motion mod apk gratis, consider the following tips and tricks:

As soon as you start following these basic tips in your video editing workflow,

You can hoist your video’s quality and produce engaging content that resonates with your audience.

How to Sign in Alight Motion MOD APK?

To sign in Alight Motion offline mod apk, follow the instructions below carefully:

  • Open the app and start a project.
  • Now create an element or click on already existing ones.
  • If you are not signed in you will be redirected to a sign-in page.
  • It will ask you to either log in directly from your Facebook or put your e-mail to proceed.
  • Click on the desired option. 
  • If you have selected email, you will need to enter your email.
  • Once you have entered it, it will send you a verification link in your email.
  • Check your provided email inbox or spam folder for Alight Motion verification link.
  • Once you have confirmed your email, return to the application and sign in again.
  • This time you will be logged in to your account and finally be able to use all features of Alight Motion MOD APK uptodown.

Frequently Asked Questions

The video editor expert asked these questions.


There are many video editing apps for mobiles but not every editor is worth the time. Alight Motion is one of the best and the first professional motion design video editor that so lets you experiment with motion graphics and video animation like never before!

Moreover, it provides a galaxy of visuals, texts, filters, shapes, elements, and effects that you can use to create cinematic and aesthetic videos without having to buy an expensive camera or hire an editor. At the same time, you can easily do it with Alight Motion given its promising features!

If you are looking for a video editor that allows you to have more control while editing video and create fantastic edits, then Alight Motion is the way to go!