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Are you spending hours on your mobile and cannot figure out how to make a great video? Or do you just want to enhance your videos and make them appeal to more views? Then you must get to know the latest Alight Motion effects.

Why is that? Alight Motion effects add visuals and transitions to your video, making them more appealing and compelling. It ignites excitement and engagement in viewers. Have you decided to make your videos more attractive and eye-catching, then explore the latest effects that you can use right now!

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What are Alight Motion Effects

Before jumping to conclusions, we should know the effects and how they work. Just like in other video editing apps like Premiere Pro shake effect preset are pre-made components. Users can use these effects to make their videos more intense and intriguing.

So why are you waiting? Let’s discover the best effects to viral your video on social media within no time!

Alight Motion Effects

Alight Motion offers a vast amount of effects that users can use. However, some users implement their own effects to customize their videos as per need.

There’s no limit to how many effects you can possibly import because Alight Motion lets you add the effects of your choice for free!

If you want to import Alight Motion effects pack, then here are some of the trending titles you will love to try!

Shake Effect

The shake effect is currently the most trending effect for Aligh Motion. What it does is simple yet extremely appealing to lay eyes on. It vibrates and shakes the video as if the camera was shaken during recording. You can also download Alight Motion MOD APK For PC.

Therefore, it makes the video more intense and engaging for the users to watch. Best for editors who want to edit action scenes!

Coloring Effect

The coloring effect adjusts the color dramatically and gives the video a special feeling. Users can choose how the video color should change. This will allow them to change the video atmosphere however they wish.

If you are thinking about making your videos more saturated and vibrant, this effect awaits you!

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Velocity Effect

Moreover, Velocity edits are the most satisfying video edits to watch. Usually, velocity effects change the video speed per frame for a certain period and then return its speed, creating a smooth velocity effect. You can use this effect to sync your video with the music as it changes its rhythm from bridges and chores.

Ghost Effect

Among other Alight Motion effects, the ghost effect is also making its way to the trend. The ghost effect creates a reflection of the playing video and leaves a trail behind, gradually disappearing. In addition to that, it adds a satisfying style to the video making it cool and eerie at the same time.

Jedag Jedug Effect

The Jedag Jedug effect is plummeting and making trends. It’s spreading like wildfire, especially in South East Asian countries.

What makes this so popular is its simple 3D movement effect. When applied, it causes the video to move dramatically from one point to another without losing its quality.

It makes the video energetic and fast-paced, syncing perfectly to the music and dancing moves.

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How to Alight Motion Effects Pack Free Download

There are two prominent methods to download and import Alight Motion effects. Importing effects through QR code or XML file is simple. These are proven to work for most Alight Motion users. However, if you still cannot find out how to properly do either of the methods, then follow these steps:

Alight Motion QR Code

For the QR code, scan QR code images of the effect and let the magic flow. It will automatically import the effect in Alight Motion within a blink!

Alight Motion XML File

Alight Motion XML file on the other head takes a minute, but it’s not complicated. To get the best results follow our method on how to get Alight Motion XML file effects.

  • Firstly, Alight Motion HDR CC effect download from our site.
  • Download Button
  • Meanwhile, open your file manager.
  • After that, search for the downloaded file.
  • Select the file and click on the three-dot menu.
  • Choose the share option from the given menu.
  • After that, choose Alight Motion from the applications options.
  • The effect will be implemented in Alight Motion automatically!


How to do Alight Motion effects?

Select a layer and click on the effects button. Choose your effect and apply it on the layer.

Where to download Alight Motion PC?

Alight Motion is only for mobile. Nonetheless, you can use it on a PC using emulators, MEMu, for example.

What is the shake effect in video editing?

The shaking effect shakes the screen making action scenes more impactful and engaging.

Final Predication 👆🏻 👆🏻 👆🏻If you want to make your videos more engaging and enhance their quality, then you must look out for Alight Motion effects. These effects will make your videos more engaging and intense for your viewers.
Alight Motion has an innumerable amount of effects that come in the form of visuals, texts, transitions, filters, and overlays. Users can choose between hundreds of effects to produce their desired results for the video!

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